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NESMETAL, the decidedley appropriate moniker for the freelance 'chiptune' composer Johnathan Godbolt, was conceived in New Jersey, USA in 2003. Taking influences from classic 8-bit and present day VGM composers, as well as varying metal/rock acts such as Extol, and Iona, Johnathan set out to create the most extremely, epic 8-bit styled music he could imagine.

"Extreme to me has somewhat of a broad meaning when it's applied to music. I'm not necessarily referring to just technicality, or off the wall brutal speed, but also, a simple melody that could grip someone's heart, and move them. Whether it be to joy, sadness, despair, urgency, or any other emotion. That to me, is extreme, and part of what I hope to accomplish with what I do here."

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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