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Gamewave Podcast Compilation Vol. 1

Gamewave Podcast Compilation Vol. 1 front cover

Various Artists


  1. Galactica - Spamtron
  2. Jump Error - Disasterpeace
  3. Lugar Comun - Satiro Mix - Coleco Music
  4. Wavegame - Phlogiston
  5. Obsolete Technology - Player Two
  6. Impaled On Spikes - Spheres of Chaos
  7. Mr. Spastic Cart Level 1 - Mr. Spastic
  8. Jesus My Refuge - NESMETAL
  9. intoxication - lutin
  10. Helix Nebula - Anamanaguchi
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The Gamewave Podcast has carved a niche for itself in the VGM scene by playing only "the best in original video game style music". The songs in this release were carefully chosen by hosts Joe and Mike and span a variety of styles and sounds, providing a unique look at the VGM sound. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast at www.gamewavepodcast.com.