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The Game Boy Tree Adventures

The Game Boy Tree Adventures front cover The Game Boy Tree Adventures back cover



  1. bom didl
  2. hey day
  3. texas battle
  4. 23:35
  5. killing time
  6. what? nothing.
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The EP you are about to listen to is the retrospective soundtrack to the amazing true story of three tree-climbing friends and their adventures at the dawn of handheld gaming. It all started when no-one could afford the all-new Nintendo Game Boy - they were kids and their combined powers and paper round salaries would not allow it, meaning they would have to wait for Christmas or a birthday. Sie cut the Game Boy from his mum's Argos catalogue (not actual size) and glued it to the back of some cereal box cardboard. The next day, Wullie and Muddy did the same. As they climbed higher and higher playing imaginary Tetris on tiny Game Boy placebos, the sun set on Woodlands Drive. True elevation was theirs - they could see it all from the tree-top.