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Zombie Birthday Cake OST

Zombie Birthday Cake OST front cover



  1. Story Opening
  2. Title Screen
  3. Password
  4. Stage Opening
  5. Stage 1
  6. Stage 2a
  7. Stage 2b
  8. Stage 3
  9. Boss Fight - Theme 1
  10. Stage Complete
  11. Stage 4
  12. Cutscene - The Desolate
  13. Stage 5
  14. Boss Fight - Theme 2
  15. Game Over
  16. The Scouts
  17. Stage 6
  18. Stage 7
  19. Stage 8
  20. Stage 9
  21. Stage 10
  22. Stage 11
  23. Stage 12a
  24. Lambda's Plan
  25. Stage 12b
  26. End Boss Fight 1
  27. Gamma Encounter
  28. End Boss Fight 2
  29. End Credits - All Has Been Lost
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"Zombie Birthday Cake actually started off as a funny thought between two guys (Ray Fix and Johnathan Godbolt) who wanted to make an 'old school' sidescrolling action game about zombies - think Resident Evil mixed with the original Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden series. We wanted it to be pretty violent, as action packed as a 2D title could be, and have our friends in it as both main and supporting characters.

Sadly though, a year and a half into production, the game went on hiatus. The work load turned out to be more demanding than the two had expected, and conflicting schedules had previously halted much of the progress on the game anyway.

We haven't called it quits on ZBC entirely. Plans to have it completed are still being tossed around. As to when this will happen... only time will tell."

However, one part of Zombie Birthday Cake which did reach completion was the full soundtrack by NESMETAL, so here it is for you to enjoy in all its gory glory.