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Gamewave Podcast Compilation Vol. 2

Gamewave Podcast Compilation Vol. 2 front cover

Various Artists


  1. Escape Pod - Phlogiston
  2. For The Meek - SLiVeR
  3. Mega Man Is My Hero - arcadecoma.
  4. Let It Go - NESMETAL
  5. Marathon - Disasterpeace
  6. Avant Guardian - Electro Static Discharge
  7. 100% - Mark DeNardo
  8. Mister Rai - Super Multifaros
  9. Naga Sotuva (Underworld Water Dragon) - Norrin_Radd
  10. Skyward - Spheres of Chaos
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To celebrate the launch of Pterodactyl Squad we present the Gamewave Podcast Compilation Vol. 2! Featuring a selection of artists from the podcast, this 2nd compilation once again showcases the many sounds of original video game style music, something for which the Gamewave Podcast is now famous. Either a great introduction to the scene, or just another load of awesome tunes!