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lutin front cover lutin back cover



  1. battle robot sexy dance
  2. dance of the dead
  3. 'gotta get away
  4. fly with r-87 tonight
  5. dub electronique
  6. round the bends
  7. intoxication
  8. rolling green hills
  9. the long road home
  10. blue lake ballad
  11. bourgeois murk (Bonus Track)
  12. power down (Bonus Track)
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The self-titled release (AKA "the pink album") from Canadian Game Boy artist, lutin is the first of Pterodactyl Squad's Mega Twerp re-releases.

lutin says "This record was written using a single Nanoloop 1.3 cartridge and an old Nintendo DMG Game Boy. I've included an additional 2 bonus tracks on this re-release: bourgeois murk and power down. Both tracks were written around the same time as the rest of the album, so I thought it was fitting that they be included on the release. I hope you enjoy them."