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Ordimary Nan OST [Disc 1]

Ordimary Nan OST [Disc 1] front cover



  1. Intro
  2. File Select/Title Screen
  3. Whispers From A Distant Land
  4. Wake Up - Nan's Theme
  5. Snowy New York City
  6. Ordimary's Toy Shop
  7. Mysterious Small Box
  8. Where Am I?
  9. Stand Your Ground
  10. Victory Fanfare
  11. You Better Stick With Me - Tani's Theme
  12. Vast New Land
  13. Village Over The Valley
  14. Reporting To The Master
  15. Veil, The Great Mountain
  16. Steel Gash, The Mountain Fortress
  17. Meeting With Lord Kurshaw
  18. I'll Take 'Em - Arc's Theme
  19. Sleep For Now
  20. Vicious Intent - The Sorcerer Drennin's Theme
  21. Just A Small Test
  22. On One Condition - Dashande's Theme
  23. Collrim
  24. Spies In Ruhmelgern
  25. General Brinskaf's Meeting
  26. Engage
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In the first of 3 releases, NESMETAL presents the opening chapter of the soundtrack to Ordimary Nan, a faux RPG game, much in the vein of the Final Fantasy series.