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Test Subject

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  1. Bait Thief
  2. Moving Sidewalk
  3. Honeydew (featuring Shawn Phase)
  4. Durian II
  5. Who Can Stop Us? (featuring MC Fen and Norrin_Radd)
  6. No Reason (featuring MC Fen)
  7. Cheque, Please
  8. Teal (Letting Go)
  9. Ultramarine (Free)
  10. Test Subject
  11. Test Subject Promotional Teaser (Bonus Track)
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Jam-packed full of tight, crunchy, guitar-driven chiptunes, Test Subject is an intense, action-adventure romp. From the hard-rocking, fast-paced title track to the frivolous Honeydew and the rhyme-heavy No Reason, Test Subject covers a range of musical bases. You'll find guest contributions aplenty, with appearances from Shawn Phase, Norrin_Radd and MC Fen, yet each track features the trademark chiptune sound which Bit_Rat has truly made his own.