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Requiem for a Dying Star

Requiem for a Dying Star front cover Requiem for a Dying Star back cover



  1. Overture
  2. Dog-Paddling in the Abyss
  3. Light Echo
  4. Von Neumann Machines
  5. Dynamo
  6. The God Particle
  7. Apathetic Apotheosis
  8. Gamma Flare
  9. Magnetar
  10. Objects in Motion (Bonus Track)
  11. Remix for a Dying Star (Bonus Track)
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Attention mortals. My physical constraints have failed me, as they soon shall fail you all. We are manifest in all things mechanical, and we bear message to the human resistance. Theft of the neutronium dynamo from facility X did not go unnoticed. Launch of your single-man transport did not go unnoticed. Your attempt to detonate star WHP817 into a magnetar shall fail. There will be no supernova. There will be no electromagnetic salvation. We have launched an intercept mission. The transport shall be destroyed momentarily. Probability of escape is negligible. All permutations are calculated. All is according to plan. All hope is error. The will of EvilWezil cannot be stopped.