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Gate And Glitch

Gate And Glitch front cover Gate And Glitch back cover



  1. Clarity and Nerves
  2. We Are Recycled Cosmic Stardust
  3. Deep Fried Formaldehyde (Decimated Databend)
  4. Permanent Irreversible Hearing Damage
  5. Eat Me A Zebra Named Zero
  6. I Wish I Was A Ghost
  7. A Fingerprint Commands The Landscape
  8. Cassettecore
  9. What Do You See When You Look Into My Vacant Eyes?
  10. Competing For A Top Placement In A Pile Of Filth
  11. I'm Toad Trip Tandem Tracking Gone
  12. Visceral Cauldron Of Anxiety
  13. Hurry Up Yesterday, Go Away
  14. Sleep Just Makes Me Tired
  15. Machine Damage
  16. Pope Palpatine
  17. Dirty Beautiful Habit
  18. Cranberries Make Strange Bedfellows
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Gate And Glitch may start out innocently enough, but by the end of the trip you'll feel like you've been swallowed whole and spat back out by an angry black hole. Glitchy sounds shoot by like stars past your windshield, each one unique and intriguing. Stuffed to bursting point with SID, Game Boy and other chip and synth sounds, Gate And Glitch is one trip you might never recover from.