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The Teal Album

The Teal Album front cover The Teal Album back cover

Ramyn King


  1. password screen (mm2)
  2. mm4.nsf track-11 (mm4 prologue)
  3. waav man (mm5 wave man)
  4. Kyofu (mm5 gyro man)
  5. vitamin d actually prevents acne (mm10 sheep man)
  6. last magdalene (mm10 wily 3)
  7. YUKO (mm6 staff roll)

It's been five summers since Pterodactyl Squad released Weezer - The 8-bit Album, a landmark chiptune tribute. Now it's time for the Squad to pay tribute to the same band once again, this time with an outstanding seven-track EP from Ramyn King. Fusing the musical and lyrical stylings of old-school Weezer with melodies from the Mega Man series, The Teal Album is truly something special - 50% Weezer, 50% Mega Man, 100% rad.