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Blazing Force

Blazing Force front cover Blazing Force back cover



  1. Blazing Force
  2. His Behavior Inspired Us With Distrust
  3. Oil, Sweat, Blood
  4. The Prime
  5. Decide
  6. Counting
  7. Cabin Fever
  8. One Gear Machine
  9. Desertion
  10. End of Chapter 1
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"You wake up after some time having been asleep, drugged, or unconscious. Your ship, Blazing Force, has been damaged through the battle."

Drawing from the distinct genre of shmups in both sound and aesthetic, lpower has created a work that balances the euphoria of space with its unavoidable sense of desolation. Based around samples from the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Blazing Force sounds smooth and clinical like only the YM2612 can. There's an underlying uneasiness to all this though - not surprising when you remember you're all alone in space...