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Baby Pterodactyl

Baby Pterodactyl front cover

Various Artists


  1. Lush - Alex Mauer
  2. Couch Sleeper - (T-T)b
  3. Forest of the Parasitic Fungus - Norrin_Radd
  4. Overworld 1 - lpower
  5. Hangover Apocalypse - Please Lose Battle
  6. Karakuri Night - TQ-Jam
  7. My Will Be Done - EvilWezil
  8. Meadows of a Dilapidated Utopia - Fragger2040
  9. Sonic 2 Epilepsy - arcadecoma.
  10. Alien Hand Grenade - ChasingBleeps
  11. BRK TST - Galaxy Wolf
  12. Βάζει ο Ντούτσε τη power-up στολή του - Videogame Orchestra
  13. Nothing Can Be Fixed Here. God, Burn! (live at MAGFest) - Marshall Art
  14. PS - Cooshinator
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This compilation is a celebration of the diversity and quality that's to be found within the chipscene these days. There are artists who've released on the Squad in the past, as well as friends, both old and new, and it all adds up to a phenomenally rad album!