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polybius front cover ploybius back cover



  1. chiller
  2. fall to rise
  3. to war
  4. red ice age
  5. berserker
  6. evocation
  7. defiance
  8. nɥlnɥʇɔ
  9. paradox
  10. a bad dream
  11. winter
  12. monster resurrector
  13. giant ants

Scrabbling around at the bottom of the bargain bin your hand is drawn to a tattered box that looks like it's seen better days. The box art is unsettling but there's something oddly hypnotic as you clutch it in both hands and walk towards the checkout to make the purchase. On the way home you break out into a jog, and once inside you run to the lounge and slam the cartridge into the console. The game loads as you bathe in a flashing neon CRT glow, but as soon as you push START an uneasy feeling comes over you and the light bulb above you switches itself off. A cacophony of creatures seem to cry out from the circuits of the console, as polybius draws you closer and closer to the TV screen...