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Dead Lights and Dark Towers

Dead Lights and Dark Towers front cover Dead Lights and Dark Towers back cover



  1. The Arrogant Fiction
  2. It's All Coming Down
  3. Wrought With Fear
  4. Across Grey Oceans
  5. Dead Lights and Dark Towers
  6. Paralysis, Inveterate
  7. Black Well of Emptiness
  8. Rest in Dreams
  9. The Watch Fire
  10. Let the Heart Awake
  11. Shadows in Sway
  12. Slow Hearts (Bonus Track)
  13. Upon the Lowly (Bonus Track)

"Dead Lights and Dark Towers is a concept album of sorts detailing my journey into brokenness. Fear and hopelessness. Doubt. Bitter vengeance and despair, and my discovery of just how deeply rooted into my being those things had become over more than a decade. However, it is also a testament to an unrelenting Love, that was (and is still), always patiently waiting. Always searching me out. Even through the depths of my own darkness, always loving me. We all carry some kind of brokenness inside, in some way or another... and Love is always calling out to us."

Lyrics for the whole release can be found here.