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F13 front cover F13 back cover



  1. Title Screen
  2. Suspense IV
  3. Ballad Part I
  4. Question
  5. Pressure
  6. Overworld Part I
  7. Overworld Part II
  8. Mystery VI
  9. Confused
  10. Mystery IV
  11. Suspense III
  12. Mystery II
  13. Mystery I
  14. Investigate
  15. Suspense VI
  16. Conversation IV
  17. Mystery V
  18. Conversation I
  19. Conversation III
  20. Ballad Part II
  21. Mystery III
  22. Suspense V
  23. Revisiting The Past

F13 is the soundtrack to a video game heavily inspired by the Friday the 13th horror series. It all began when David Arseneau started work on a post-grad research project into how pop culture phenomena are pieced together from various component parts and he chose to explore slasher movies and the Friday the 13th franchise. One aspect of this project was creating a working video game and so he enlisted lpower to provide the soundtrack, as well as much of the in-game pixel art.

The whole project will be exhibited by David next year, but for now you can hear this immense, clinical, chilling OST full of retro synth sounds. There are also cassette versions for sale over on lpower's Bandcamp page! Grab one at: lpower.bandcamp.com. And download pixel art for the game by David and lpower: ptesquad.com/images/f13art.zip.