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III: The Mossy Album

III: The Mossy Album front cover



  1. Bios
  2. Intro (TV Size)
  3. Shreddinger's Butt
  4. Life in the Big City
  5. Funk at the Bar (Serious Nights)
  6. Alley Dogs (Hard Jazz)
  7. when i was a teenage bore
  8. Huston'd (pretty fn choice)
  9. Bios 2
  10. ri ri
  12. V-C-R (experimental emo)
  13. Bubbler Bobble
  14. Traverse the White Night
  15. Unread Mail
  16. Bios 3
  17. my disapproval is a gift
  18. wet the looky win
  19. chill.wav 2017
  20. Drumf Church
  21. bittern
  22. Sent Mail
  23. Moss-Covered Apocalypse

This album is a boldly singular work in tribute to that soft green, leafless plant which grows like nature's carpet in damp conditions around the world. Synth rock, chiptune, bizarro dream pop, product IDs and news reports combine to bryophytic effect in a release that has to be heard to be believed.

Mossy's Shred Cream informercial