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Ramyn King

Ramyn King

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I've been in Baltimore my whole life. I started out going to MICA and doing visual art, but in the early 2000s I switched over to music completely. I've been in and out of local rock bands and recording creations since the late 90s.

I've done game covers, chiptunes, and original music albums under the name cetera, I have an experimental music project called Smart Hulk, and recently I've been doing my personally-flavored rock and some other music projects under the name Ramyn King.

I've always loved video game music and never knew there was a community for it until around 2007. I attended MAGFest 6 and began deeply participating in the scene. I believe that many classic video game soundtracks found a purer kind of melody as a result of having limited polyphony. I try to utilize this same method to create highly replayable tunes outside of games.

Favourite system

Xbox 180

Favourite game

Thief: The Dark Project

Favourite game soundtrack

Carrier Air Wing